The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation brings top level students to work on current global issues.


The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation offers engaging and challenging internships exposing participants to the global movement for nuclear weapon abolition, as well as non-profit management, and careers with a conscience generally.

The Work Responsibilities will be shaped by the intern’s particular intellectual interests and skillset. Our goal is to provide hands-on experience that will complement long term academic and/or professional pursuits.

You Are committed to NAPF’s vision and mission, a good writer, an organized multi-tasker, and knowledgeable about peace issues.

Time Commitment for this position will vary depending on class schedule. In your letter of intent, please indicate your anticipated weekly time commitment to this position.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please include the following:

• A letter of intent outlining your work experience, educational background, field of study, what you plan to pursue upon graduation and the date you can begin the internship;

• A copy of your resume.

Send all application materials by email to: Sandy Jones, sjones [at] and Christian Ciobanu cciobanu, cciobanu [at]

Frequently Asked Questions

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