I would like to write a poem and nail it
to a stake at humanity’s crossroads.
It would say: choose your path wisely.

It would say: this path we are on is far
too treacherous, a trap for the unwary
and complacent.

It would say: take down the gun pointed
at humanity’s heart – enough of war,
enough of nuclear weapons, enough
of stumbling toward collective suicide.

It would say: enough homage to death –
choose life and be a citizen of the world.
It would say: be kinder than necessary.

It would certainly say: when it rains, the water
sinks into the Earth and the grass grows
toward the sun.

It would say: when the winds blow, the leaves
will flutter from the trees like butterflies.
It would remind us to stop and look at
the beauty around us.

It would say: this is Eden, but it needs care.
It would say: before you choose a path, think
about the people of the future.

It would say: make each moment of your time
on Earth matter.

It would say: choose the path of peace.