NAPF Peace Leadership Director Paul K. Chappell has reached thousands of people around the world with his insightful and innovative message. A selection of testimonials about Paul’s work appears below:


steve_gelb “Captain Paul K. Chappell’s insightful presentation on strategic nonviolent leadership is inspired, empowered and equipped participants to work as activists for peace and social justice. He has developed an original, compelling, honest, realistic and pragmatic education program…the value and the need for this training cannot be overestimated.”
— Steve Gelb, Professor of Leadership Studies, University of San Diego
Linda Richards “Paul Chappell is doing something that no one else has done in my lifetime. He has created a system from many philosophies, just as Gandhi did in his time, that anyone, no matter their political beliefs or attitudes, can easily adopt. I believe this will change the world…I am stunned by the amount of hope this experience has given me.”
— Linda Richards, Lifelong Activist, Lecturer at Oregon State University, and Ph.D. Candidate (ABD) in the History of Science
stephanie_knox_cubbon “I took away far more than I had imagined, and left with increased leadership skills, knowledge about peace and nonviolence, and a renewed sense of importance of peace and nonviolence work.”
— Stephanie Knox Cubbon, Fellow, Metta Center for Nonviolence; Faculty, National Peace Academy
chris_mahon “As a high school English teacher who wants to bring peace to the educational process, I could not have found a better workshop. Not only did we learn a great deal about the meaning of peace, the many ways and strategies to create peace, and the authentic arguments for peace, but also, we grew together as human beings in one ‘short’ week. A profound experience…Thank you!”
— Christopher Mahon, High School Teacher and Debate Coach, Van Nuys, CA
irene_pritsak “Paul is so well spoken, organized and able to convey his points so that what he is saying has an incredible impact…On a personal level, there was a sense of trust and safety, which came about from Paul’s willingness to talk about his traumatic past. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world.”
— Irene Pritsak, Board Member, The Mountain Forum for Peace, Nederland, CO
barry_ladendorf “…freshen your skills tool box and learn to be a peace leader…You will learn not just skills to be a peace leader but you will gain life skills as well. I highly recommend this leadership training.”
— Barry Ladendorf, President, Veterans for Peace, San Diego, CA
julie_dobson “All I want to do and share is all about being truthful, honest, respectful, educated, empowered, disciplined, empathetic and loving…they are intensified from the compelling experience and compassion that Paul evokes. I also learned that ‘Waging Peace’ is like playing in a beautiful orchestra. We are the instruments that make peace beautiful…our mission is to spread peace like a beautiful song, we will Wage Peace and start a Peaceful Revolution.”
— Julie Dobson, Guilford College, Greensboro, NC
lori_phil “The NAPF Peace Leadership Workshop changed my life…Paul was an absolutely brilliant workshop leader and facilitator. This is not a superficial learning class. It’s learning that has inspired me immensely and has implications for all realms of my life.”
— Philip San Juan, Concordia College, Portland, OR
m_zive “What I got out of the class was very different than what I had prepared myself for.  First, by the end of the week I was armed with numerous strategies, such as talking to people (no matter how difficult it may be) in a calm manner with respect and empathy, how to humanize people and stop the de-humanization of groups of people, and diffuse angry confrontations to wage peace.  Second, Paul presented this information in a calm, thoughtful and professional way, and yet in a (com)passionate and inspiring way.  Third, he used video clips, scientific literature, quotes from peace leaders, etc., to support the information.  Finally, it was clear from the beginning of the week, these peaceful strategies are life skills. They are not merely meant to ‘work on peace’ but instead be a way of life.  Who should take Paul’s classes?  Everyone.  I cannot think of one person who would not benefit from learning about how we can create a peaceful heart, a peaceful home, a peaceful community, a peaceful nation, and a peaceful world.”
— M. Zive, Ph.D. candidate in Leadership Studies, University of San Diego
giovanna_iaffaldano “Since participating in this course, I feel a shift beginning to take place in my opinions and worldviews and how I interpret propaganda and narratives we hear in the media. This course was packed with real world skills, strategies, and pearls of wisdom I can and do apply in my personal and professional life – it exposed me to various forms of leadership skills that are application based (not just theory) that are very much needed for teaching and practicing peace in today’s challenging times.”
— Giovanna Iaffaldano, Peace and Global Education, University of San Diego
stanley_saballet “Paul brings music, art, multimedia, pop culture, and history to the forefront of today’s cultural and global misunderstandings. His creative and strategic Peace Leadership methods are easy to understand and can be applied in dealing with almost any negative situation. It can be applied on a global level, in your community, or while you’re driving your car and getting cut off. Paul has simple techniques that are extremely effective and can be used proactively daily.”
— Stanley A. Saballet, Leadership Masters Program, University of San Diego
cindy_cordova “For the leaders of today, Paul offers a dynamic approach to teaching Peace Leadership through multimedia resources, real-life examples, and practical steps that revolutionize the way you mobilize individuals in conflict resolution and global leadership. Paul’s experiences at West Point and Baghdad add a unique perspective to this workshop as he introduces myths about war and violence that reframe your thinking and increase your curiosity to know more. This workshop experience can only be summarized as transformational as the learning evolves into subtle ripple effects that go beyond the classroom.”
— Cindy Cordova, Master’s Candidate in Higher Education Leadership, University of San Diego