Peace Leadership Course 2013


The NAPF Peace Leadership course teaches the powerful form of leadership that is needed to promote peace and justice in communities, countries, and the world. Most leadership books and courses are focused on business, but this course will teach the form of leadership that Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Susan B. Anthony practiced. It is also the form of leadership that our world will require if humanity is going to solve its most serious problems and survive in the 21st century.


paul_chappell“The military has really excellent training in waging war, but most activists have no training in waging peace, and I realized that activists need to be as well trained in waging peace as soldiers are in waging war. Violinists, martial artists, and filmmakers all realize they need some sort of training to be effective, but activism is the only art form where people think they can just show up to a protest and not have any training and write something on a sign and think they’re going to be effective. And I think we have to change the paradigm of activism toward recognizing that it is an extremely difficult art form. Your job is to transform how people think about the most controversial issues in the world, and you’re trying to transform how people think when people might potentially kill you over these issues. It requires very detailed training. I think one reason activists aren’t more effective is that they don’t have the kind of training to take their activism to a higher level.”– Paul K. Chappell, in an interview in Guernica Magazine
2012 Peace Leadership Summer Course

Summer Course

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation offered a five-day Peace Leadership Course in Santa Barbara in 2012 and 2013, and plans to do so again in the future. Peace leadership skills are life skills, and this course empowers individuals to wage peace in their personal lives, community, and the world.

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The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation also offers weekend Peace Leadership Courses around the country. To set up a weekend course in your area, e-mail Paul.



The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation also offers Peace Leadership Courses overseas. In March 2014 Paul taught a course in Uganda in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Gulu, the University of the Sacred Heart, and the non-profit organization Gulu Help. For more information about setting up a course in your country, e-mail Paul.