paul_k_chappell The NAPF Peace Leadership Program is led by Paul K. Chappell, a West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran and former Army Captain. Paul joined NAPF in 2009 and has developed a unique, groundbreaking program to give educators, students, activists, and people from all backgrounds the skills they need to effectively wage peace every day. Paul presents clear and compelling insights into human nature and the myths that perpetuate war and conflict. Offering renewed hope and practical solutions, he reaches thousands of individuals every year with lectures and skill-based leadership training workshops. You can learn more about the Peace Leadership Program at the links below.
Peace Leadership lecture


Paul K. Chappell travels throughout the United States and to other countries to give lectures to high school, college and graduate level classes as well as civic, religious and veterans groups.

Peace Leadership Courses


Paul K. Chappell teaches two-, three- and five-day training programs tailored to any school or organization’s need. Courses offered in the past include a five-day graduate-level course at the University of San Diego. To learn more about our Peace Leadership courses, click here.

Peaceful Revolution

Peace Leadership Resources

Paul K. Chappell is the author of four books on ending war, waging peace, the art of living, and peace leadership. Click here for a list of resources used in our Peace Leadership courses.



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