President Obama in Hiroshima

by David Krieger on May 20, 2016
NAPF President David Krieger suggests that President bring his courage, his humanity and a plan to end the nuclear insanity when he visits Hiroshima.

Promoting Security in the 21st Century

by Joseph Rodgers on May 12, 2016
Joseph Rodgers was in Geneva representing the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation at the Open Ended Working Group. Here, he reports on the discussion around security in the 21st century.

A Tale of Two Securities

by Ray Acheson on May 12, 2016
Ray Acheson of Reaching Critical Will examines two lines of argument presented at the Open Ended Working Group: state security vs. security for humanity.

Negotiating a Nuclear Weapons Ban

by Joseph Rodgers on May 11, 2016
Joseph Rodgers discusses the current activity at the UN Open Ended Working Group in Geneva, Switzerland.

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