U.S. Motion to Dismiss: Above the Law?

by Rick Wayman on July 22, 2014
The US filed a Motion to Dismiss in the lawsuit filed by the Marshall Islands for US failure to negotiate for nuclear disarmament. Are they above the law?

Bombing Gaza: A Pilot Speaks

by David Krieger on July 18, 2014
NAPF President David Krieger's poem is written from the perspective of an Israeli pilot bombing Gaza.

What Are Acceptable Nuclear Risks?

by Martin Hellman on July 16, 2014
Do you think a nuclear accident, nuclear war or nuclear terrorist attack could happen in your lifetime? You might be surprised.

Pressure on the Nuclear Nine

by Rick Wayman on July 16, 2014
Rick Wayman, NAPF Director of Programs, had this letter to the editor about the Nuclear Zero Lawsuits published in The New York Times on July 15, 2014.

Doom from the Depths

by Lawrence Wittner on July 8, 2014
NAPF Associate Lawrence Wittner explores the huge cost and great dangers posed by nuclear-armed submarines.