Calendar of Events

  • Sat
    5:30 pmUtah Museum of Contemporary Arts, Salt Lake City

    The documentary Nuclear Savage: The Islands of Secret Project 4.1 will be screened as part of the Parliament of the World's Religions conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. NAPF Director of Programs Rick Wayman will speak about the Marshall Islands' Nuclear Zero Lawsuits after the screening.

  • Sun
    5:30 pmCoral Casino, 1260 Channel Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93108

    The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation will honor Setsuko Thurlow with the NAPF Distinguished Peace Leadership Award at the 33rd Annual Evening for Peace on October 25, 2015, in Santa Barbara, California.

    Setsuko was 13 years old when the United States dropped an atomic bomb on her city of Hiroshima. Ms. Thurlow, like other Hibakusha, (atomic bomb survivors), through years of struggle for survival and literally rebuilding lives from ashes, has made it her life’s work to tell the story of what happened that day so that “…no human being should ever have to repeat our experience of the inhumane, immoral and cruel atomic bombing.” For seventy years and throughout the world, Setsuko has spoken of the horrors of nuclear weapons and the moral imperative to abolish them if we are to ensure a safe and peaceful world for our children and grandchildren. “I am committed to share the warning of Hiroshima until my last breath.”

    For more information on this event, contact NAPF at (805) 965-3443.